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1613 AB12

Engine start booster 12V

- It can be used as emergency starter, as battery charger or  as an additional power source for vehicles (memory saver) and for electrical devices 12V 
- Analogic voltmeter 
- ABS impact-resistant casing
- Overvoltage protection 
- Also suitable for sealed batteries
- Straight alligator clips
- Supplied with charger for power grid and cable for cigarette lighter socket
1613 AB12-24

Engine start booster 12-24V

  • Portable start booster  for starting vehicles with functioning but discharged batteries, with the possibility of supplying voltages of either 12 or 24V
  • Suitable for use on all types of vehicles: cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, earth-moving machines, agricultural tractors, boats, etc.
  • Digital voltmeter with dual functionality: indication of the state of charge of the internal battery (in volts and in %) and indication of the vehicle battery voltage
  • 2.1A USB port for charging electronic devices (tablets, smartphones, MP3s, notebooks, cameras, etc.)
  • ABS shockproof body
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Suitable for sealed batteries
  • Inclined pliers
  • Supplied with cord for electric grid and cigarette lighter plug
1613 OBD

OBD memory saver 12 V

- Works connected to a 12V starter through a cigarette lighter connection
- Can be connected to the vehicle through an OBD connector (input diagnosis)
- Compatible with all E-OBD and OBD-II connections
- Connecting it inside the car allows to work comfortably with the vehicle on the car lift
- Integrated protection fuse
- ATTENTION: use this accessory only with 12V boosters
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