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099 BG

Insulating rescue stick

  • Stick for rescuing an injured technician
  • Ideal for applications like hybrid cars, electrical panels and switches mainteance
  • Curved steel arm
  • Use in operating voltages up to 45 kV
099 FS

Face Shield

  • Adjustable headgear and brow guardx
  • Field of vision of 180°
  • Transparent, no fog and scratch lens color
  • Lens marking: 2C-1.2
  • Chemical protection against liquid droplets or splashes, molten metals or intense radiation emissions
  • Electrical short circuit protection
  • Impact protection, withstands a sphere of 6 mm, 0.86 gr at 190 m / s
  • 99.9% UVA / UVB protection
  • Ultra enveloping: 20.5x39.4x0.18 cm
099 G

099 G
Norme:  EN 60903:2003-IEC 60903:2014 DPI Categoria III (Reg EU 2016/425) IEC 61482-1-2 ASTM F2675


Insulated gloves 1000 V

  • Bicolor composite gloves
  • Integrated mechanical protection: no need of leather protector
  • Arc flash rating
  • Category: RC
099 G1

099 G1
Norme:  EN 60903:2003 - IEC 60903:2014 DPI III Categoria (Reg. EU 2016/425)


Insulated gloves - 1000 V

- Natural latex - AZC class
- High dielectric strength
- Use with leather overgloves (USAG 099 G2) to ensure mechanical protection
- Chemical resistance to Acids and Ozone
- Supplied in closed anti UV envelope

099 G2

099 G2
Norme:  EN 60903


Safety overgloves - 1000 V

- Protection against mechanical risks
- It is recommended to wear over insulated gloves (USAG 099 G1) to achieve mechanical and electrical protection
- Long leather sleeve for increased protection

099 H


Insulated mats - 1000 V


- High insulating rubber insulation mat
- It isolates the operator from the ground, in order to secure his interventions

099 L


Lockout padlock

  • Each padlock has its unique key, the key can open only one padlock and no others
  • Captive key system: it is impossible to remove the key if the padlock is not locked
  • Automatic return cylinder
  • Body and shackle in composite material, UV resistant  
099 S


Insulating bag for connectors

  • Ideal for protecting exposed electrical cables during maintenance, to prevent accidental contacts
  • Transparent polyvinyl bag with velcro fastening and eyelet on one extremity
099 TG

Pneumatic tester for insulated gloves

  • Air inflator
  • Recommended for field inspection before/after each use, and also for periodic visual inspection 
  • It makes it possible to check the whole surface of a glove, including th cuff
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