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076 F


Automotive digital multimeter

  • Measures voltage and current AC/DC, resistance, capacity, temperature
  • Continuity and diodes test
  • Automatic calibration function
  • Data hold
  • Duty cycle indication
  • Dwell angle/rpm
  • Supplied with a pair of insulated tips for battery and thermocouple
  • Spare parts (not included in the package):
    Kit fuses (2 pieces): 711A-F
    Spare tips (2 pieces): 711A-L
  • CAT III 600 V


Digital infrared thermometer

  • For measuring the temperature at distance
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • LCD backlighting display
  • Memory functions
  • Automatic power-off after 1 minute of inactivity
  • Emissivity regulation
  • Indication of maximum, minimum and average temperature detected
  • Setting of the maximum temperature to detect, with luminous warning when detected
  • Setting of the minimum temperature to detect, with luminous warning when a lower value has been reached
  • Compatible with thermocouple K (not included)
  • Not suitable for body temperature detection
  • Supplied with rubber protective pouch
905 A


Antifreeze hydrometer

  • Measures antifreeze levels in engine coolant
  • Two scales: for cold or warm engines
905 BN

Acyd hydrometer for batteries

  • Measures the density of the battery liquid
906 N


Pump for checking and calibrating diesel engine injectors

  • To check the correct working of injectors and atomization pressure
  • Tank with filter
  • Supplied with connectors 906 NA and 906 NB
  • Fitting for M14 connectors
906 NA

Connection pipe (for Bosch injectors)

- For Bosch injectors
- M12 x 150
906 NB

Connection pipe (for Bosch injectors)

- For Bosch injectors
- M14 x 150
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