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1785 A

Vacuum/pressure pump

  • Capacity: -1÷4 bar
  • Vacuum/pressure selection valve
  • Aluminium body
  • 800 mm flexible hose
  • 30 adapters included
  • Tray for liquids included
  • Vacuum: 0 ÷ -1 bar
  • Pressure: 0 ÷ 4 bar
  • Fluid suction (diesel, brake fluid, cooling fluid, ecc.)
  • Vacuum advance with a timing light
  • Vacuum advance with AEI Renix ignition
  • Seal for fuel supply system
  • Working on carburator valves
  • Seal for brake power assistance
  • Turbine exhaustion control membranes
  • Supplied in plastic case
1785 B

Fluid estractor

  • For the extraction of lubricating oil from engine, brakes, gearbox and antifreeze fluids from any type of vehicle
  • It allows a fast and easy replacement of brake fluid on the vehicle directly
  • Use: manually using a lever or pneumatic with compressed air
  • Compact dimensions and light weight to be used in many sectors: Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Aeronautical
  • It allows fast and safe operations even outside the workshop
  • Tank and polypropylene structure for high resistance to oils
  • Vacuum valve located on the upper side
  • Possibility to check the amount of fluid extracted by side marker
  • The vacuum inside the tank decreases when the maximum level is reached
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Supplied with 4 suction tubes with different diameters and lengths 400xØ 9,5 mm, 700xØ 6 mm, 850xØ 7 mm, 700xØ 6 mm
  • Equipped with tube long 150 cm, Ø 16 mm, for the coupling of 4 suction tubes
  • Supplied with instruction manual
  • Spare tube, long 150 cm Ø 16 mm: code 1004730-69
  • Spare tube, long 400 mm Ø 9,5 mm: code 1004730-65
  • Spare tube blue, long 700 mm Ø 6 mm: code 1004730-66
  • Spare tube black, long 850 mm Ø 7 mm: code 1004730-67
  • Spare nylon tube long 700 mm Ø 6 mm: code 1004730-68
278 D

278 D
Norme:  ISO 11168


Glowplug wrenches with jointed socket

  • Block system for retaining the glowplug
  • Hexagonal opening
  • 3/8" square drive
885 E


Remover kit for electrode glow plugs, DIESEL

- Allows the removal of broken electrodes without disassembling the cylinder head
- Specifica for CITROEN - FORD - MAZDA - PEUGEOT - SUZUKI - TOYOTA - VOLVO engines
- For plugs with M8x1 - M9x1 - M10x1 - M10x1,25 threads
 - Supplied in plastic case
886 A2

Extractor for MERCEDES Common Rail electronic injectors

  • It makes easy the extraction operations in cases of difficult access, without damage risk
886 RA

Sockets for removal of diesel injector electric connections

  • Hexagonal opening
886 RB10

Hexagonal bit 10 mm for electrode removal

  • Hole Ø 7,5 mm
887 FK1

Kit of cutters for diesel Common Rail seat cleaning

  • To eliminate carbon deposits from the heater plug bores without risk to damage
    - BOSCH 15,5 mm
    - BOSCH 17-19 mm
    - SIEMENS and DELPHI 17mm
  • Nickel Chrome steel for tools
  • Complete with handle and 3 milling heads for injectors
887 G


Tool for removal of diesel injector gaskets

  • For easy and safe removal of Copper injector gaskets
  • Powerful slide-hammer puller 0,5 Kg. for easy removal of jammed seals
  • Adjustable gripper

Socket wrench for diesel engine injectors

  • Long socket with bihexagonal opening (Ø 29mm)
906 N


Pump for checking and calibrating diesel engine injectors

  • To check the correct working of injectors and atomization pressure
  • Tank with filter
  • Supplied with connectors 906 NA and 906 NB
  • Fitting for M14 connectors
906 NA

Connection pipe (for Bosch injectors)

- For Bosch injectors
- M12 x 150
906 NB

Connection pipe (for Bosch injectors)

- For Bosch injectors
- M14 x 150
884 C/S6

Set of six wrenches for injector pipes fittings

  • For assembly and disassembly of injectors pipes fittings
  • Bihexagonal openings
  • Length: 98 mm
  • Square drive 1/2"
  • Sizes: 12-14-16-17-18-19 mm
  • Special steel
  • Chrome plated
  • Supplied in plastic box
885 F


Injector cleaning kit

- Ideal for duct cleaning of injectors mounted on common rail engines
- Kit consists of:
2 wire brushes Ø 20mm and 25mm for cleaning injectors seat (use only in a clockwise direction)
2 brushes (Aluminum and brass) for cleaning the bottom injectors seats
1 extension for the brushes
2 caps to occlude the combustion chamber connection hole
1 handle to insert and remove the occlusion caps
1 adhesive sandpaper kit Ø 16 mm with supports
885 K


Remover kit for glowplugs M8-M10

  • Allows the removal of broken glowplugs without disassembling cylinders
  • Specific for engines Mercedes CDI (engines with in-line cylinders)
  • Supplied in plastic case
886 K


Universal kit for diesel Common rail injector removal

  • To remove injectors
    - BOSCH (GM 2.2L included)
    - SIEMENS (PIEZO V2 included)
    - DELPHI
  • Multiple connection system (inside/outside) for injectors BOSCH
  • Supplied in plastic case
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