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1350 F1

Kit to extract/insert Silentblock for FIAT/FORD/OPEL

- For use with: Fiat Panda (4x4 - Cross - Methane),Fiat 500, Ford Ka, Opel Adam
- Necessary for the rear axle silentblock
- Can be used directly on the vehicle
- To work safely without damaging the arms


Clutch disk aligner

  • Supplied with three expansion pliers 485 R (A-B-C)
1881 S22

Set of 22 wrenches for assembling and disassembling the nuts of alternators pulleys

- Set for assembling and disassembling the  freewheel pulleys, to change alternator and pulley
- It allows to loose and fix the central pulley nut and, at the same time, to block shaft
- The various combinations allow to avoid disassembling additional components such as the radiator
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