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559 A


Magnetic locking socket holder

  • Ideal for keeping organized a set of sockets
  • Aluminum body, painted with epoxy process
  • Magnetic base protected by a thin rubber layer which avoids damaging the metal surface to which it will be fixed
  • Clips with square drive, equipped with ball bearing, to keep the socket locked
  • 360° adjustable clips, to quickly identify the socket size
  • Possibility to customize the number of clips, removing the plastic parts mounted on the side (up to a maximum of 14 clips)
  • Possibility of anchoring the holder to a panel, using the holes located on the lateral plastic parts
559 C


Clip for magnetic locking socket holder

  • To be used with magnetic locking socket holder 559 A
606 L


Empty ABS case - size L

  • Closing clip and carrying handle
606 M


Empty ABS case - size M

  • Closing clip
606 S


Empty ABS case - size S

  • Closing clip
612 L


Sheet steel box (empty) - size L

  • Closing clip and carrying handle
612 M


Sheet steel box (empty) - size M

  • Closing clip and carrying handle
612 S


Sheet steel box (empty) - size S

  • Closing clip 
612 XL

Sheet steel box (empty) - size XL

  • Closing clip and carrying handle
612 XXL

Sheet steel box (empty) - size XXL

  • Closing clip and two carrying handles
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