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063 W


Electronic pen-type soldering iron, double power

- Professional soldering iron for Tin
- Push-button switch
- Perfect for different applications on electrotechnical field
- Steel tip for long service life
- Housing in plastic material resistant to oils and hydrocarbons
- Power supply 230V
- Supplied with bench holder
207 D


Scissors for electricians, stainless steel blades

  • Stainless steel blades with micro-toothing
  • Glass-reinforced technopolymer handles: flexural strength 80 Kg
  • Built-in cable cutter capacity 12 mm (external diameter)
  • Supplied with plastic belt holder
207 E


Professional scissors for electricians

  • Stainless steel structure (blades and inside handles)
  • Blade with micro antislip toothing
  • Cable cutter on both blades (up to 50 mm²)
  • Built-in wire stripper (1,5-2,5-4 mm²)
  • Crimping function
  • Bimaterial ergonomic shaped handles
  • Hanging hole
  • Supplied with plastic belt holder  with safety block


Crimping pliers for non-insulated open and closed terminals

  • Model with screw-cutter, wire-cutter and wire-stripper
  • PVC handgrip
  • Body in cut sheet steel


Cable ties pliers

  • Model for nylon straps up to 9 mm wide
  • Blade for cutting the projecting length
  • Body in pressed sheet steel
342 SE8

Set of 8 precision screwdrivers for slot-head and PHILLIPS® screws

  • 342/0,8-1-1,4-1,6-2
  • 342 PH/00-0-1
  • Model for the micromechanical sector
  • Revolving head for precision screwing action
  • Body and blade in Carbon steel
  • Chrome plated and burnished finish
  • Supplied in plastic pouch
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