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007 SB 150 CX

Compact tool pouch with screwdrivers and combination pliers (14 pcs.)

• High strength fabric
• Main compartment with zip closure
• Back pocket with zip closure
148 CX

Cable cutters for Copper and Aluminium cables

  • Special Chrome Vanadium steel
  • Handles in PVC
174 CX

Adjustable plier wrench

  • Plier and wrench in a single product
  • Allows to screw, hold, press or bend
  • Flat nose to work on delicate surfaces without damages
  • Parallel jaws for a perfect contact with the surfaces
  • The internal design of the jaws allows to work perfectly on hexagon without damages
  • Metric scale for a precise set-up
  • Smooth jaws (17 mm) for the best accessibility
  • 20 positions rail with push button opening
  • Quick adjust closing system: not needed to press the button
  • Free movement of jaws allows to work with ratcheting effect
  • Forged chrome vanadium steel with chromed finishing
  • PVC covered handles
174 CX/B5

Counter display

  • Supplied with 5 plier wrenches 174 CX
185 DX/B5

Counter display

  • Supplied with 5 nippers 185 CX 160
188 DX/B5

Counter display

  • Supplied with 5 nippers 188 CX 160
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