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Pickup tools and inspection mirrors (8)



Flexible pick-up claw tool

  • Retractable 3-arms claw with push-button control
046 L


Magnetic pick-up tool with LED light

- 4-arms claw
- LED light activates and advances with push-button
- Magnetic tip to retrieve small metal pieces
- Flexible rod, Chrome plated steel


Rigid mirror

  • Plastic body
056 L


Telescopic articulated mirror with LED light

- Glass mirror resistant to scratches
- Plastic shock-proof board protection
- 2 LED to avoid shadows on the inspection zone
- Double adjustable articulation
- Extensible stainless steel body
- Antislip handle
- External diameter (frame included): 75 mm
- Internal diameter (mirror): 51 mm


Articulated mirror

  • Telescopic brass rod with pocket clip
442 N


Flexible retrievers with magnetic head

  • To retrieve metal pieces in hard to reach places
442 TA

Telescopic retriever with articulated magnet

  • For recovering magnetizable items from inaccessible places
  • Articulated haed: aluminum
  • Shaft material: carbon steel with zinc finishing
  • PVC handle

Spare parts (1)

442 AN

Spare magnets

  • For flexible retrivers 442 N
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