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Oil cans and grease guns (14)



Pen oiler

  • Push-button for precision dosing
  • Body in transparent plastic with pocket clip



  • Model with retractable rigid metal spout and a screw-type valve in the cap
  • Plastic body



  • Pump model with rigid metal spout and plastic body



  • Pump model with flexible metal spout and enamelled sheet steel body
  • Ergonomic plastic handgrip


Lever operated grease pumps

  • Model with automatic grease feed to be filled from a bulk container or from a cartridge
  • Feed pressure 400 bar
  • Supplied with flexible connection 300 mm and four-claw gripping tweezer
  • Threaded connection M10x1
  • Sheet steel body
421 CA

Grease cartridge

  • Industrial grease for intensive use, like automotive, industrial, construction and agriculture to lubricate bearings, wheels, gears, ball joints, frames
  • Anti-wear and resistant to high pressures
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +149°C / -29°F to 300°F
  • NLGI Degree II
421 M


Suction gun

  • Steel body
  • Ideal for suction and dispensing (filling) of oil, antifreeze, power steering oil etc.
  • It's possible to clean the inner tube by unscrewing the back cover under the lever
  • Steel tube Ø 57 mm
  • ØxL mm steel nozzle: 10x12 mm
  • Internal part of syringe is lubricated with a light layer of oil and grease, to avoid rust and guarantee the functionality of the internal components
  • Supplied with: 2 PVC pipes, length 75 mm and 310 mm, both with external Ø 15 mm and internal Ø 10 mm; 1 metal tube 156 mm long (external Ø 10 mm and internal diameter 6 mm)
  • The function of the metal tube, once inserted inside the PVC tube, is to ensure precise aspiration or input of the chosen liquid
421 P


Suction gun

  • Polypropylene syringe
  • Double gasket in NBR
  • ON/OFF safety valve
  • Ideal to drop oil into the car differential
  • PVC pipe length 400 mm (aluminium nozzle included) external Ø 16 mm
  • Aluminum nozzle Ø 10 mm, length 20 mm, equipped with plastic closing cap
  • Polypropylene body Ø: 88 mm
  • Not suitable for fuels and mineral oils

Mini lever operated grease pumps

- Only for grease in bulk
- Model with automatic grease feed
- Feed pressure 413 bar
- Tube diameter 36 mm
- Supplied with flexible connection 300 mm and four-claw gripping tweezer
- Threaded connection M10x1
- Steel body and lever

Spare parts (5)

419 A


Spare spout

  • For oilers 419
420 AR

Spare spout

  • For oilers 420
421 AR

Head for grease pump

  • Model with four-claw gripping tweezers
  • Resistant upto a pressure of207 bar
  • Threaded connection M10x1
  • To be used with models 421 and 421/120
421 BR

Flexible tube for grease pump

  • Flexible nylon tube
  • Working pressure 240 bar
  • Burst pressure of 800 bar
  • Threaded connection M10x1
  • To be used with models 421 and 421/120
421 PA

Spare washer

  • For suction gun 421 P
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