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995 A


Hand riveter

  • Light alloy body
  • Pressed sheet steel pressure lever
  • Handgrips with spring-action opening
  • Supplied with three interchangeable nozzles and service key
995 AC

Blind-nut rivets

  • Steel body
  • Zinc chrome plated finish
  • Pack of 100 pcs.
995 AF

Hand riveter with swivel head

- 360° adjustable head
- Suitable for Aluminum rivets
- 4 interchangeable heads
- Light alloy body
- Plastic handles
- Metal clip for opening lock
- Supplied with head disassembly key
995 AL

Aluminium rivets

  • Standard round head
  • Aluminium alloy with Zinc plated steel rivet
  • Pack of 100 pcs.
995 CA

Hand riveter for blind-nut rivets

  • Compact model with internal lever system that reduces operator effort
  • Supplied with 4 interchangeable heads (M4-M5-M6-M8)
  • To be used with aluminium and steel blind nuts (M4-M5-M6-M8) and stainless steel (M4-M5)
  • Light alloy body
  • Plastic handles
  • Supplied in a plastic case (LxDxH: 320x175x50 mm) with blind nuts holders (not included)
995 LA

Straight compact hand riveter

- Compact model with the same capacity as a standard long riveter
- The internal lever system reduces operator effort
- Suitable for Aluminum and steel rivets
- 5 interchangeable heads
- Removable holder for spent nails
- Light alloy body
- Plastic handles
995 K


Assortment in plastic case (501 pcs.)

  • High resistance ABS case with quick closing system
  • The inside tray is studied to be stored in USAG roller cabinet drawers
  • Empty inner plastic tray: code U05190139Q
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