Body Tools (23)

416 N


Adjustable file holder

  • Screw adjustment for matching straight or curved contours
  • Adjustable for two lengths: 300 and 350 mm
424 A1

Suction cup

- Designed for the positioning of small parts
- Double handle knob can be used with only one hand
- Cup in propylene (Ø 55 mm): excellent resistance to chemicals
- Polyamide handle
- Maximum load capacity 5 Kg
- Maximum dimensions: 62x55x72mm
- Do not use on too coarse, porous, dirty or wet materials
424 A2

Suction cup

- Versatile and multi-purpose
- Can be used with one hand, vacuum is generated by tightening the two handles together
- Ergonomic polyamide handle
- Cup in propylene (Ø 127 mm): excellent resistance to chemicals
- Maximum load capacity 25 Kg
- Maximum dimensions: 127x127x110mm
- Do not use on too coarse, porous, dirty or wet materials
424 A3

Suction cup with steel handle and manual pump

- Multifunction suction cup to carry glass, marble and materials with smooth surfaces
- Maximumload capacity 130 Kg for smooth, clean and dry surfaces at a temperature of 20° C
- Pump balanced by a spring to maintain a proper vacuum level
- To generate the vacuum it is sufficient to pump with the piston, until the red line is no longer visible
- Cup in propylene (Ø 235 mm): excellent resistance to chemicals
- Steel handle
- Maximum dimensions: 240x240x118mm
- Supplied in plastic case (305x300x130 mm)
- Do not use on too coarse, porous, dirty or wet materials
424 C2

Multipurpose scraper

- Plastic handle
- Stainless steel body
- Replaceable blade: length 40 mm, thickness 0,3 mm
- Spare blade code E201520
- Hanging hole on handle
- Length: 160 mm
424 N1

Lever for windshields

  • To be used together 424 N2 and 424 N3 for removing windshields
424 N2

Handle for windshields

  • For car windshield removal
424 N3

Steel wire for windshields

  • For car windshield removal
424 N4

424 N4
Norme:   ISO 11228


Suction cups for transporting and positioning of windshields

- Adjustable suction cups Ø 117mm for flat and curved surfaces
- Maximum load 80 kg  
- Propylene cup for excellent resistance to chemicals
- Polyamide handle and polypropylene body 
- Before use, check that the suction cup is clean and has no cracks or damage
- Periodically clean the suction cups with mild detergents
- Do not use pointed or sharp instruments to remove the suction cup from the surface
- Do not use on too coarse, porous, dirty or wet materials
- Do not use with cranes or lifting machinery
424 N5

Belt for windshields

  • To be used together with 424 N4 while fitting windshields
424 TN

Windshield wiper arms puller

  • For removing wiper arms without damaging the body
426 A


Trim clip removal pliers

  • To extract fasteners securing trims and panels without damaging
426 N


Pressure trim clips removal lever

  • To extract the fasteners securing trims from panels
993 A


Metal brush

  • Model with stainless steel wire bristles
424 B1/SE4

Pair of suction cups for door windows

- Suitable for keeping windshields in position
- Allows operator to work hands-free when working on the window operating control system
- Propylene cups (Ø 78 mm): excellent resistance to chemicals
- Steel cable Ø 2,5 mm, length 400 mm, with plastic coating to prevent damage to the body
- Maximum loading capacity 5 Kg
424 B2/SE6

Set of 6 suction cups for gluing operations

- To hold the bodywork upholstery or windshield during gluing/drying operations
- Central screw to adjust pression on the glued parts
- Cups in propylene (Ø 78 mm): excellent resistance to chemicals
- ABS body to avoid damages on the parts to be assembled
424 C1/SE3

Set of three tools for removing rain and light sensors

- To remove the case where the gel of the rain and light sensors is contained
- Different sizes and shapes to fit a large number of models of Mercedes - BMW - Mazda - Jeep - Chrysler
- Stainless steel body sandblasted
- Plastic handle
424 N/SE7

Set for bonded windshields (7 pcs.)

426 B/S5

Set of 5 tools for plastic elements

  • To extract mouldings, fasteners, trim clips from door panels and dashboards
  • No damages to plastic parts, gaskets, body
426 C/S4

Set of 4 multi-purpose plastic scrapers

  • For removal of counterweights, silicone, plastics, mouldings etc.
  • No damage to parts in plastics, gaskets and ceramics
  • Can be used with a hammer
  • Regrindable with a file
  • Length 270 mm
  • Blades width 19-22-25-38mm
426 D/S4

Set of 4 plastic separator scrapers

- To separate timing belt cover, cylinder head engine, drive belt etc.
- Avoid damaging the gasket sealing surface
- Usable with hammer
426 SAB

Airbag service kit (12 pcs.)

  • For airbag installation or removal
  • Easy access to the airbag fixing screws
  • Universal use
  • Suitable for the following car models:
    VW Bora, Golf 4, Jetta, Lupo, New Beetle, Passat B5, Polo
    Audi A4, A6
    Skoda Fabia, Octavia, Superb
  • Supplied in plastic case
  • Special steel
416 NA

Flat flexible files

  • For use with adjustable file holder 416 N
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