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200 S



  • Model for 300 mm blades with possibility of positioning the blade at 45° and 90°
  • Blade tension regulator integrated in the handle
  • Steel body with anti-slip and shock resistant plastic coating
  • Supplied with Cobalt blade 200 C24
210 C


Multi-purpose scissors

  • Stainless steel blade with micro antislip toothing
  • Big ergonomic bimaterial handless
  • Perfect for Aluminium, cardboard, rubber, leather, moquette, etc.
211 A


Multi-purpose scissors

  • Blade with micro anti-slip toothing
  • Selection lever to adapt to small and big hands
  • Security lever to block the blades
  • Antislip bimaterial ergonomic handgrips
211 B


Multi-purpose scissors with inclined blades

  • Blade with micro anti-slip toothing
  • Selection lever to adapt to small and big hands
  • Security lever to block the blades
  • Antislip bimaterial ergonomic handgrips
218 N


Utility knife

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Safety blade blocking
  • Easy opening pin
  • Aluminium body with polyamide inserts
  • Hanging hole and glass-cutter
  • Supplied in nylon pouch with closing clip and belt loop


Digital heat gun

  • Model with electronic checking of temperature and air volume by digital display
  • Possibility to set programs: 2 heating modes and 2 air flows selectable
  • Equipped with acooling system
  • Supplied with one wide slit nozzle and one deflector nozzle 
421 M


Suction gun

  • Steel body
  • Ideal for suction and dispensing (filling) of oil, antifreeze, power steering oil etc.
  • It's possible to clean the inner tube by unscrewing the back cover under the lever
  • Steel tube Ø 57 mm
  • ØxL mm steel nozzle: 10x12 mm
  • Internal part of syringe is lubricated with a light layer of oil and grease, to avoid rust and guarantee the functionality of the internal components
  • Supplied with: 2 PVC pipes, length 75 mm and 310 mm, both with external Ø 15 mm and internal Ø 10 mm; 1 metal tube 156 mm long (external Ø 10 mm and internal diameter 6 mm)
  • The function of the metal tube, once inserted inside the PVC tube, is to ensure precise aspiration or input of the chosen liquid
421 P


Suction gun

  • Polypropylene syringe
  • Double gasket in NBR
  • ON/OFF safety valve
  • Ideal to drop oil into the car differential
  • PVC pipe length 400 mm (aluminium nozzle included) external Ø 16 mm
  • Aluminum nozzle Ø 10 mm, length 20 mm, equipped with plastic closing cap
  • Polypropylene body Ø: 88 mm
  • Not suitable for fuels and mineral oils
995 A


Hand riveter

  • Light alloy body
  • Pressed sheet steel pressure lever
  • Handgrips with spring-action opening
  • Supplied with three interchangeable nozzles and service key
995 AF

Hand riveter with swivel head

- 360° adjustable head
- Suitable for Aluminum rivets
- 4 interchangeable heads
- Light alloy body
- Plastic handles
- Metal clip for opening lock
- Supplied with head disassembly key
995 CA

Hand riveter for blind-nut rivets

  • Compact model with internal lever system that reduces operator effort
  • Supplied with 4 interchangeable heads (M4-M5-M6-M8)
  • To be used with aluminium and steel blind nuts (M4-M5-M6-M8) and stainless steel (M4-M5)
  • Light alloy body
  • Plastic handles
  • Supplied in a plastic case (LxDxH: 320x175x50 mm) with blind nuts holders (not included)
995 LA

Straight compact hand riveter

- Compact model with the same capacity as a standard long riveter
- The internal lever system reduces operator effort
- Suitable for Aluminum and steel rivets
- 5 interchangeable heads
- Removable holder for spent nails
- Light alloy body
- Plastic handles
997 A


Screw-type clamp

  • Basic model
  • Body and sliding arm in forged steel
  • Pressure screw with adjustable joint
997 B


Lever-type clamp

  • Quick lever model with precise regulation
  • Body and sliding arm in forged steel
  • Adjustable pressure cap
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