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1613 AGM12-24

Professional start booster 12-24 V, portable

• For emergency starting, as battery charger and as an additional energy source for vehicles (save memories) and for 12V or 24V electrical equipments
• Ideal for cars, vans, trucks, boats, vehicles agricultural, generators etc.
• Voltmeter to indicate the charge status of the internal battery
• Rear connector for voltage selection
• External fuse: overcurrent protection up to 300A
• Shockproof ABS shell
• Overvoltage protection
• Also suitable for sealed batteries
• Inclined clamps
• Supplied with mains charger and cigarette lighter cable
1613 RA12

Professional start booster 12 V, portable

- For intensive professional use
- Emergency starter suitable for 12V motorcycles, cars, vans and commercial vehicles
- Long cables (155 cm) that allow the use of the starter from the ground
- Integrated transformer: no external power supply
- High performance pure lead AGM battery
- LED indicator of the charge status of the starter's internal battery
- To check the state of charge of the vehicle battery, connect the cables and press the TEST button (Red: battery to be recharged/replaced immediately; Yellow: Battery almost empty; Green: Battery full)
- External fuse: overcurrent protection up to 300A
- Straight clamps
- Shockproof ABS shell
- Also suitable for sealed batteries
- Supplied with mins charger (for optimal charging, it is recommended to connect the power plug to a direct power source; avoid multiple sockets)


Digital infrared thermometer

  • For measuring the temperature at distance
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • LCD backlighting display
  • Memory functions
  • Automatic power-off after 1 minute of inactivity
  • Emissivity regulation
  • Indication of maximum, minimum and average temperature detected
  • Setting of the maximum temperature to detect, with luminous warning when detected
  • Setting of the minimum temperature to detect, with luminous warning when a lower value has been reached
  • Compatible with thermocouple K (not included)
  • Not suitable for body temperature detection
  • Supplied with rubber protective pouch
1785 B

Fluid estractor

  • For the extraction of lubricating oil from engine, brakes, gearbox and antifreeze fluids from any type of vehicle
  • It allows a fast and easy replacement of brake fluid on the vehicle directly
  • Use: manually using a lever or pneumatic with compressed air
  • Compact dimensions and light weight to be used in many sectors: Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Aeronautical
  • It allows fast and safe operations even outside the workshop
  • Tank and polypropylene structure for high resistance to oils
  • Vacuum valve located on the upper side
  • Possibility to check the amount of fluid extracted by side marker
  • The vacuum inside the tank decreases when the maximum level is reached
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Supplied with 4 suction tubes with different diameters and lengths 400xØ 9,5 mm, 700xØ 6 mm, 850xØ 7 mm, 700xØ 6 mm
  • Equipped with tube long 150 cm, Ø 16 mm, for the coupling of 4 suction tubes
  • Supplied with instruction manual
  • Spare tube, long 150 cm Ø 16 mm: code 1004730-69
  • Spare tube, long 400 mm Ø 9,5 mm: code 1004730-65
  • Spare tube blue, long 700 mm Ø 6 mm: code 1004730-66
  • Spare tube black, long 850 mm Ø 7 mm: code 1004730-67
  • Spare nylon tube long 700 mm Ø 6 mm: code 1004730-68
1950 C

Pair of jack stands

- Adujstable height with toothed mechanism and lever release
- Locking pin with chain
- 1950 C/3: model adjustable in 10 positions
- 1950 C/6: model adjustable in 13 positions
2000 A

Inspection creeper

- Headrest in vinyl resistant to hydrocarbons, padded with high resistance foam rubber
- Plastic body resistant to hydrocarbons, washable
- Two side trays for tools
- Handle
- Maximum loading capacity: 150 kg
- Maximum height from ground 115 mm
- Supplied with 6 swivelling rubber casters Ø 80 mm (not assembled)
2000 G

Kneeling pad

  • Suitable material to withstand repeated use
  • Carrying handle
  • Dimensions suitable for resting on both knees
  • Possibility to store it inside our roller cabinet drawers
2550 A

Hydraulic service jack 3t for cars and commercial vehicles

- Steel structure
- Versatile and compact for use in narrow spaces
- High capacity for use on cars, SUVs and vans
- Dual pump system to lift the car faster
- Equipped with manual descent control
- Air bleed valve, to avoid risk of over-load
- Handle with rubber bumper
- Polyurethane wheels
- Rubber disk: code DL.32A-10
- Front wheels (2 pieces): code DL.32A-1
- Rear wheels (2 pieces): code DL.32A-9
2550 B

Hydraulic service jack 2t

- Steel structure
- Versatile and compact for use in narrow spaces
- Dual pump system to lift the car faster
- Equipped with lifting pedal
- Equipped with manual descent control
- Air bleed valve, to avoid risk of over-load
- Handle with rubber bumper
- Polyurethane wheels 
- Rubber disk: code DL.32A-10
- Front wheels (2 pieces): code DL.2LP-1
- Rear wheels (2 pieces): code DL.32A-9


Oil draining kit (16 pcs.)

  • Complete kit for the most part of vehicles
  • Magnetic sockets to hold plugs
  • 3/8" hinged wrench for exceptional accessibility
  • Protection cup to keep hands clean and prevent contact with oil and hydrocarbons
  • Supplied with working support with fixing clip to be secured on the arm of oil trays
  • Contents:

    - 1 hinged wrench 3/8” 
    - 2 bits 8-10 mm 3/8"
    - 6 bits 8-10-12-13-14-17 mm 3/8"
    - 6 hexagonal sockets 13-14-17-18-19-21 mm  3/8"
    - 1 TORX® bit T45

2847 A

Vacuum brake bleeder

  • To bleed fluid for hydraulic brakes and clutches
  • Working pressure 6÷10 bar
  • Tank capacity 3 litres
  • Air connection 1/4
  • Equipped with pressure gauge (with rubber protection) that shows the vacuum value
  • Suction rubber tube with Ø 0,9 cm and total length 105 cm (7 cm of the connector included)

Brake bleeder

  • For changing, filling and bleeding the circuit of brakes on cars and industrial vehicles
  • Device designed exclusively for brake fluids DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1. No LHM.
  • Adjustable pressure up to 4 bar
  • Automatic stop at 10% of the tank (1 L)
  • Power supply 12 V  with crocodile clips
  • Rear accessory housing
  • Integrated wheels and handle for easy transport
  • Operating liquid system: peristaltic pump (no direct pump/liquid contact, no air pressure on liquid)
  • Supplied with spare gaskets, 1 multi-diameter cap 44-45-46 mm (2847 N11) and tank for oil recovery
400 P


Pneumatic dent puller

- Ideal to remove dents without the need to repaint
- Supplied with 3 suction cups (Ø 75-100-125 mm),in a plastic case with transport handle and closure clip
- Spare part kit with 3 suction cups: code 1004735-98
443 N


Fast oil-filter wrench (cars)

  • Automatic belt clamping
  • Lever to increase clamping power for perfect grip on the filter
  • Articulated jaws for gripping the filter and having a ratchet effect
  • Stainless steel strap
  • Handle (160 mm) in high resistant plastic material (hydrocarbons, bumps)
  • Capacity: Ø 66÷105 mm
443 NC

Fast oil-filter wrench (industrial vehicles)

  • Automatic belt clamping
  • Lever to increase clamping power for perfect grip on the filter
  • Articulated jaws for gripping the filter and having a ratchet effect
  • Stainless steel strap
  • Handle (160 mm) in high resistant plastic material (hydrocarbons, bumps)
  • Capacity: Ø 106÷150 mm
445 B


Oil-filter wrench - big diameters

  • 8-position model
  • Jaws with "triangle" teeth for enhanced filter tightening
  • Steel body
  • Handles sheated in PVC
  • Sandblasted enamelled finish
  • Burnished finish
446 DA/SE6

Set of 6 cup wrenches for oil filters

  • Allows the re-tightening at the original torque (value indicated on the plastic cap)
  • 3/8" square drive
  • Steel body
  • Set for Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Renault, Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, Seat, Mercedes
  • Profile dimensions: Ø 74 mm x 14 sides - Ø 75 mm x 16 sides - Ø 86 mm x 16 sides - Ø 102 mm x 14 sides - Ø 66 mm x 18 sides - Ø 96 mm x 18 sides 
446 DT/S2

Set of two cap wrenches for oil filter covers - Japanese cars

  • Specific for removing the oil filter covers on Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu, Subaru engines
  • Can also be used to remove the Toyota oil filter cartridge
  • Reduces the risk of damage to the oil filter covers
  • 3/8" square drive; 27 mm hexagon
  • Can also be used for tightening with a torque wrench
  • Body in phosphatized Aluminum

           446 DT1
           Profile dimensions: Ø 64,5 mm x 14 sides
           Overall dimensions: (Øxh):  80x49 mm 
           446 DT2
           Profile dimensions:  Ø 64,5 mm x 14 sides
           Overall dimensions: (Øxh):  86x49 mm

446 RT

Cap wrench for oil filters TRUCK

  • Specific for removing the oil filters of RENAULT and VOLVO trucks
  • 1/2" square drive; 36 mm hexagon
  • Profile dimensions: Ø 106 mm x 15 sides
  • Body in Aluminum
446 S28

Set of 30 oil-filter cap wrenches

- Set with 28 oil-filter cap wrenches with 3/8" square drive, 1 adapter 3/8"-1/2 ", 1 self-gripping wrench with 3/8" square drive (capacity 65÷120 mm)
- The set is suitable for the majority oil filters fitted on the following car brands: FIAT, ALFA , LANCIA, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, BMW, MERCEDES, VOLVO, SAAB, ROVER, JAGUAR, LOTUS, TOYOTA, SUZUKI
- Sizes of the oil-filter cap wrenches (Ø x N ° sides):
  66/6 - 65/14 -65/67 - 68/14 - 73/14 - 74/15 - 74/76 - 75/77 - 76/12 - 76/14 - 76/30 - 76/8 - 78/15 - 80/15 - 80/82 - 86/16 - 86/18 - 90/15 - 92/10 - 93/15 - 93/36 - 93/45 - 95/15 - 96/18- 100/15 - 106/15 - 108/15 - 108/18
- Carbon steel body, burnished finish
- Supplied in plastic case with carrying handle and closing clip
447 T

447 T
Norme:  2006/42/CE


Universal pneumatic shock absorber dismantler

• Ideal for cars
• Self-levelling system of the two upper arms: also fits into conical and disaligned springs
• Self-lubricating: no lubrication and/or greasing necessary on the sliding columns
• Supplied with lower brackets 447 TC1 (78÷130 mm) and 447 TC2 (105÷182 mm),vice 447 TA and universal upper clamps 447 TB1
• Compact dimensions for easy installation in the shop 470x450x1390 mm
• Complies with MACHINE DIRECTIVE 2006/42/CE
449 IDA

Ball joints separator

  • Mechanical screw model
  • For extracting ball-joints from steering wheel and suspensions on industrial vehicles
  • Hexagonal drive: 36 mm
449 TA

Ball-joint extractors for industrial vehicles

- For removing steering and suspension ball-joints
- Hexagonal drive 22 mm
449 TB

Ball-joint extractors for industrial vehicles

  • For removing steering and suspension ball-joints
  • Hexagonal drive 22 mm


449 TC

Ball-joint extractors for industrial vehicles

  • For removing steering and suspension ball-joints
  • Square drive 3/4"
468 M


Bearings and seals drivers

- It simplifies the insertion of external rings for angular ball bearings
- Axis, bearing seat and sealing rings are not damaged
- Adjustable ring in 3 positions
- Steel handle
- It can be used on most vehicles, including motorcycles
870 C


Pliers for fuel hoses

  • For petrol and diesel vehicles
  • Ergonomic bimaterial handgrip
871 C


CLICK spring-clips pliers

  • Three-axial heads to work in any position
  • To open and close CLICK spring-clips on fuel circuits, intake manifolds and hydraulic circuits
  • Steel body, phospatized finish
  • Ergononomic bimaterial handgrip
871 D


Pliers for CORBIN clamps

- Model with frontal or side hooking
- Jaws with serrated gripping surface
- Inside spring
- Ergonomic anti-slip handles
890 K


Digital battery tester with printer

- Measures the state of charge, the capacity and efficiency of the batteries from 6 to 12V, also with "Start & Stop" system
- Checks the alternator efficiency and the starting system from 12V to 24V
- It allows you to test batteries: EFB, flat AGM, SPIRAL AGM, VRLA / GEL, standard Liquid
- LCD screen
- Thermal printer (no ink required)
- 6 languages selectable
- Cables length: 2 m
- Supplied in a plastic case with shock-resistant shell and 2 rolls of paper
- Spare cables: code BAT.TEST-C
115 CL/SE2

Double-joint pliers with half-round jaws

  • Ideal for gripping pieces and parts difficult to reach
  • Pointed jaws with knurled gripping surface
  • Up to 70% longer than normal long nose pliers
  • Small size double joint for maximum accessibility
  • Handles covered in anti-slip material
1881 S22

Set of 22 wrenches for assembling and disassembling the nuts of alternators pulleys

- Set for assembling and disassembling the  freewheel pulleys, to change alternator and pulley
- It allows to loose and fix the central pulley nut and, at the same time, to block shaft
- The various combinations allow to avoid disassembling additional components such as the radiator
270 C/C3

Assortment with hexagonal impact sockets for tyre rims with teflon protection in modular box (3 pcs.)

- Teflon protection that reduces the risk of damage to the alloy rims
- Compact plastic box
- Metal closing clip
- Empty box code: U02700106Q
272 DS

Kit to extract nuts and screws from alloy wheels (10 pcs.)

- Suitable for all types of locking wheel nuts and screws with different profiles and shapes (standard and with rotating ring)
- Can also be used on standard nuts and screws
- Does not damage the alloy rim
- Special tungsten carbide drills capable of drilling any type of material (lubricate with cutting oil at each use)
- Super thin conical sockets to center/extract on any type of alloy wheel
- Conical sockets outside diameter: Ø30 - Ø26 - Ø24 mm
- Extractor with hexagonal drive tested to withstand over 150 Nm (even beyond the tightening torques declared by the car manufacturers)
426 B/S5

Set of 5 tools for plastic elements

  • To extract mouldings, fasteners, trim clips from door panels and dashboards
  • No damages to plastic parts, gaskets, body
426 C/S4

Set of 4 multi-purpose plastic scrapers

  • For removal of counterweights, silicone, plastics, mouldings etc.
  • No damage to parts in plastics, gaskets and ceramics
  • Can be used with a hammer
  • Regrindable with a file
  • Length 270 mm
  • Blades width 19-22-25-38mm
426 D/S4

Set of 4 plastic separator scrapers

- To separate timing belt cover, cylinder head engine, drive belt etc.
- Avoid damaging the gasket sealing surface
- Usable with hammer
884 C/S6

Set of six wrenches for injector pipes fittings

  • For assembly and disassembly of injectors pipes fittings
  • Bihexagonal openings
  • Length: 98 mm
  • Square drive 1/2"
  • Sizes: 12-14-16-17-18-19 mm
  • Special steel
  • Chrome plated
  • Supplied in plastic box
885 F


Injector cleaning kit

- Ideal for duct cleaning of injectors mounted on common rail engines
- Kit consists of:
2 wire brushes Ø 20mm and 25mm for cleaning injectors seat (use only in a clockwise direction)
2 brushes (Aluminum and brass) for cleaning the bottom injectors seats
1 extension for the brushes
2 caps to occlude the combustion chamber connection hole
1 handle to insert and remove the occlusion caps
1 adhesive sandpaper kit Ø 16 mm with supports
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